Would you like to request a class that we've taught in the past or one you've seen on-line and would like us to offer? 

If so, please send an e-mail to us at: john@calicoartglass.com  

We received the below e-mail and pictures from one of our students, Gwen, who attended our Copper Foil and Leaded stained glasses classes within the past year.  I think you'll agree that she does some nice work.  In addition to glass work, she also paints and is an amazing artist.   

Gwen is a delight to know and has a great sense of humor.  By the way, Gwen is a very youthful 80 years old and proud of it. 

We wish her many more years of enjoying doing her artwork. 

Thank you, Gwen, for sending in the pictures and allowing us to share them. 

We'd love to show off some of your glass work: panels, windows, mosaics, suncatchers, fused glass, etc.  

Please e-mail pictures of your work to us at john@calicoartglass.com

Feel free to tell us a little about you and the picture you're submitting.

>Your name

>How long you've been working with glass

>How you got started

>Why you made (what inspired you to make) the piece you're submitting

>Anything else you care to share with our glass community.  

Looking forward to many wonderful pictures!