Assortment of the following glasses in various colors most of which are no longer being made.  This is your opportunity to obtain some very special glass for that very special project you've been wanting to make.

Vegla Glass



Antique M.B.

Oceanic Glue Chip

In addition, for you Fusers, we've recently received a shipment of Bullseye (COE 90) glass.  Our glass bins are overflowing with a great selection to choose from.  

What's New !

Cheryl just completed this beautiful stained glass piece that she designed herself. The glass used was salvaged from an 18th century church in Germany where her great-great grandfather was a deacon. Believe it or not, this is only the 2nd stained glass piece she has ever done. Cheryl completed our stained glass class just a few weeks ago. I think you'll agree that Cheryl definitely has a talent. Nice work, Cheryl!