Glass Cutters & Replacement Tips

Glass Mosaic Cutters

Soldering Irons & Replacement Tips

Glass Grinders & Replacement Heads

Taurus 3 Ring Saw, Replacement Blades & Belts & Parts

Circle Cutters & Bottle Cutters

Running and Breaking Pliers

Grozers, Dykes, Lead Knives

Hot Head Torches

Waffle Boards, Work Boards

Safety Glasses

Didymium Glasses


COE 90 Glass

Frits, Powders, Confetti,

Stringers and Dichroic

We also have a limited selection of COE 96 glass and frits.


Stained Glass

>We carry a large supply of stained glass sheets in over 100 colors and textures for your stained glass project and mosaic needs.   

> Additionally, we have bins of small, odd-shaped pieces which are perfect for your mosaic needs.  These pieces are sold by the pound and are perfect for when you just need a little of several different colors for your mosaic project. 


At Calico Art Glass you'll find the supplies you need for your stained glass, mosaic and fusing projects.  We carry a large supply of glass as well as all of the tools and supplies you'll need for your project. 

If we don't have what you need, we can order it and typically have it the next day.

Bead Release



........and the list goes on.

Fiber Paper (Bullseye Thinfire)

Fiber Blanket: from 1/32" to 1"

Kiln Shelf Primer

Jewelry Findings: Bails, Bracelet Blanks

Lampworking (Bead-Making)

Moretti Rods & Stringers (COE 104)

Bullseye Stringers (COE 90)

Came  (U & H)

Lead, Zinc and Brass

(in a variety of widths)

Copper Foil

Copper Back, Black Back Silver Back & Silvered

Copper Foil Sheets, New Wave Foil

(all in a variety of widths)


60/40, 50/50, Lead-Free


Liquid, Gel, Paste


Patina, Flux Remover, Grinder Coolant,

Kwik-Clean, Polish, D-Lead Soap

Paper Products

Oversized Pattern Paper, Carbon Paper


Wellbond, Glastac, E6000 


Putty, Whiting, Brushes

Tacky Wax, Pattern Books

Paint Pens, Glass Markers,

Jump Rings, etc.